I am so happy to be introducing my dear friend Mary Witt. I met Mary in 2003 and have been fortunate to be able to attend her wonderful classes, learn more about Angels and study Reiki with her.

As a certified hypnotherapist, she has helped me to remove blockages  I was experiencing on several occasions. Mary is trained in Angel Therapy through Doreen Virtue. She is making herself available to you for Angel readings by phone. Here is more information about what Mary offers.

About Mary Witt

Mary is a Founding Member and Senior Minister with Awakenings Institute, a non-profit, religious organization devoted to helping individuals to open to their full expression of their true divine selves, integrating the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Angel Therapy

We all have angels just waiting for us to call upon them. They honor our free-will planet and they don’t interfere unless necessary. The angels are ready to assist all who ask and they are full of love, wisdom and knowledge. When I call upon them the reply usually comes in the form of what I call a “Wisdom Lesson.” It always seems to be the most pertinent information to the seeker’s life, even though the seeker may desire to address another issue instead. Angel Therapy comes in the form of a reading, individual, group or party.

Holistic Healing Modalities

Self-healing is the only form of healing. What we call healers are really facilitators or practitioners attuning their energy to another to assist in the self-healing of that person. Whether you are addressing the mind, body, emotions, or spirit, it is all healing. Integrating these systems brings the healing to a more complete level. There are many modalities for healing, including Reiki Therapy, Quantum Touch, Kinesiology, and EFT. By using them as Spirit guides the facilitator, each healing becomes a unique and meaningful experience. Mary provides Spiritual Counseling by utilizing the following therapies:

Holistic Hypnotherapy

This therapy allows one to heal by letting go of the personality or ego temporarily to tap into the subconscious mind in order to explore life’s issues from a different perspective. Sometimes this can be done through past life regression, parts integration, or future pacing the issue to see a more desirable outcome. The methods used are numerous and are dependent largely on the client and the always fascinating subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is highly effective and safe. The client’s innate wisdom always knows the answer of how to heal; sometimes we just need a bit of assistance to tap into it.

Classes for Building Conscious Awareness

Meditation Classes

Meditation is an essential tool for spiritual growth. It is a time when the mind is quiet and the body is still. It is a time to just be, to experience the I AM within yourself. People experience this in many ways with their own personal style. Exploring the different aspects and traditions of meditation can assist you in finding the most beneficial way of meditating for your lifestyle. Private or Group Sessions.

Spiritual Awareness Classes

Regularly scheduled classes with the intention of exploring New Thought through meditation, yoga, toning, open discussion, and guided visualization. This class is open to all. Call before first visit.


The ancient and beautiful art of the laying-on hands is taught with reverence to all who desire to share from their heart in the healing of the universe.  Reiki I and II are taught in classroom format with a sacred ceremony for each individual’s personal attunement to the Reiki energy. Certifications and a syllabus are provided. Reiki III/Master/Teacher is given on an individual basis. Call for a consultation.

Mary’s Personal Vow:

As a Minister of Holistic Healing, I seek to assist myself and others to identify, define and explore life’s soul purpose. I do this by creating an environment where individuals have the opportunity to feel safe and accepted during their journey.

You can reach Mary Witt to schedule an appointment for an Angel Therapy Reading, or other Holistic Healing at 916 730 3397.

Visit Mary’s website

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