My name is Laura Denktash. I live in California. I have been a spiritual journey for the past 25 years. Part of my journey includes Aura-Soma, an incredible color therapy, which I have studied since 1995. I was first introduced to this color therapy at the Dry Creek Herb Farm, where I was involved in a rigorous herbal studies program for 6 years. During the second year of my studies I was fortunate to meet Carole Klesow, who was to be my Aura-Soma instructor.

The moment I entered the yurt that day for our weekend class, I felt the power and the love within the beautiful Equilibrium bottles of color. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe, and one that should be experienced.  For several years I attended classes. Always fascinated by color from a young age, I experienced  great joy studying the bottles at home.  This work gave me the most intense and transformational experiences. Of course, I gladly gave consultations for my family and friends.

Working in the corporate world and climbing the ladder, I occasionally lost touch with my true purposes. But in March of 2009, I was laid off from my job, and have since dedicated myself to doing only the things that bring me joy, add light to my life, can help others, and revolve around my true gifts and talents. These things include writing, helping others to write, publishing, and my light work.

The significance of having the resonances of these Angels available for individual personal and spiritual work at this time, has been one of the most important events in Aura-Soma!

I have always been involved with Angels and they have always been present in my life. I have had the honor and pleasure on three occasions to actually see them. One of these experiences involved seeing two Archangels who came to my assistance. Another time a team of 3 angels worked on my physical body following a surgery that left me anemic, very weak, and very sad.

Most recently, Archangel Michael assisted me in a court of law during a dispute that was completely unjust, but just one of those things you sometimes are forced to go through because the other party involved is not coming from a place of light. On the way to the courthouse I asked Archangel Michael to assist. As I waited my turn, I could see Archangel Michael’s energy behind the judge’s right shoulder.  It is for that reason that it is now imperative for me to express and share this information. For me, it is time.

There are now fourteen Archangels in Aura-Soma, with Archangel Tzaphkiel being born in December 2009. When Aura-Soma began releasing the Archangel bottles, I was filled with joy. Of course, the first Archangel was Archangel Michael. Thank goodness Mike Booth was so blessed to be able to capture the essences of these magnificent powers, for the good of humankind. Since then, I have worked almost exclusively with the Archangel bottles. A few years ago I created a line of jewelry to harmonize with  the Archangel bottles. I love all of the Aura-Soma bottles, which total 108, but through the years, the Archangels have spoken to me the loudest!

My purpose for this blog will be to share information as it comes to me. Some of you that know me know that there have been a few times during my life that I heard a “voice.”  My decision to begin this outward journey with the Archangels comes from hearing that voice.  I briefly interrupted another project I was working on to act on this message I have received.  I feel this will be a blessing for others, as well as myself. I have decided it is time to allow this gift I have been given to shine through. The Archangels are speaking to me, and perhaps they will also speak to you.  Aura-Soma is a wonderful tool that allows us to at once get our arms around the power and essence of the Archangels, while at the same time releasing ourselves to their love, power, and wisdom. My heart is full.

In love and light,


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