The Aura-Soma Archangel Bottles

The following descriptions are written by Mike Booth, of Aura-Soma and ASIACT. I have posted them here so you can gain an understanding of the individual Archangels as seen through the Aura-Soma system and its creators. The process of “birthing” the bottle and its precious energies are described with much love and reverence.


The Archangel Michael or “Boof” bottle
Pale Blue / Pale Yellow
Born at 3:13 pm, 1st December 1995

The Archangel Michael is usually seen with a sword cutting away at the dross of our lower nature, destroying the dragon or beast which lies at its feet. Really, the sword he wields is insight and compassion. The higher will in relation to our lower will.

As the practitioner moves along the path, the sensations are less seductive and slowly there is a sense of loss of identity. This combination is a clue that we no longer need to grasp for an identity based on the stronger patterns of sensation.

We need to let go of the fear in it most intense form, which lies within our subconscious, we need to relinquish it to find peace in its most intense form which is what happens if we begin to view our fears from a point of compassion.

Then there is less a sense of identity but more a quality expression of who we are. In other words not seeking identity through the strong sensations but seeking it as an expression of quality.

This bottle shakes together as pale green. It indicates a heartfelt response, reminding us of Hilarion, “the way, the truth and the light.”  The Way being – allowing ourselves to be. The Truth being – our level of integrity with ourselves – what happens when we let go of our fears, intense joy is revealed. Archangel Michael offers understanding and joy if we can find the truth of ourselves.

“Boof” is the Australian Aura-Soma Dog (GOD), he was four years old on December 1st 1994. Yellow over blue is arubis  pale yellow over pale blue and is also “Boof’s” bottle.

This bottle is also significant to the American center as its proposed position move, 33 feet to the east.

Bill Clinton gave his speech on the 30th November in Donegal square (Belfast) with two children, a Protestant and a Catholic (Hansel and Gretel) auguring a new possibility of peace that Bill said would come.

Archangel Michael blessing the American project by re-aligning it as he establishes the peace in Northern Ireland. We had an Irish group here completing their advanced course the afternoon the bottle was born. They were mainly from Dublin. In some cases it has been a three year process leading to this completion.

Synchronicity of the heart, a bottle of gratitude and of simplicity with an immense challenge and gift.


Magenta / Gold
Born 3:10 p.m., 24th June, 1996


To honor your goal you need to work at it every day.
And now the lure of wine and thighs is hard to overcome
If you see the true gold, then a wise one will speak for you.
Wealth, good luck, happiness and a high place are all waiting.

Love in the little things and the wisdom to connect with that, or is it that we grow in wisdom when we put the love into the little things. The energy from the soul star coming together with the incarnational star. The blue-print above the top of the head comes together with the true aura. The gold resource has always been there. It needs to be revealed. Its through the opening of the magenta that it may become a possibility.

The magenta energy can also become the dissolution of the nuclear family. Of course, there are fears in relations to this. Dissolution does not mean that everything falls apart. It means that the constrictions are loosened. The threads may be supported, that the light of golden wisdom moment to moment, rather than held together by threads of fear. Each moment we have the potential to enter into the “golden eternity” to find the “golden moment.”

The family exists within ourselves; the organs are in direct relationship. All is supported from above. The magenta contains the blue-print from the soul. Gabriel came in attendance to the star to bring the Christ energy to the Earth plain. Each has the opportunity to awaken to that energy within the self. The magenta opened the door to the gold within. It needs refinement.

The door is ajar. It has no handles to either side. The Master wants. Have we enough growing to offer to the little things that we may find the golden fulfillment, moment to moment, breath to breath, in all that we do. Gabriel is there to support and to usher in the possibility of easeful connection with the true aura, the incarnational star.

The first thoughts on Monday afternoon.


Royal Blue / Royal Blue
Born at 12:25 p.m. on 3rd December, 1996

The precious pagoda: there’s no need to keep searching-
It refracts its multifaceted light in every direction…
The sage says: be will to work, pray, and bow down-
An if you do, Heaven can bless you with every reward.

The Archangel Raphael was born at 12:25 p.m. on 3rd December, 1996

The higher functions of the mind are brought into being. They are fed in from above. The communication that is fed in from above is feeding into the royal blue energy which is within the depths of the self. There is a very deep peace lying within that is to be brought out in a communication to the world. The royal blue/royal blue has been something that has been a long awaited dream. It is a dream of a time that is to come when clarity of vision, clarity of hearing, clarity of thought will come into being, for those that aspire, for those that are in the process of transformation at this point in time. Raphael is the creative energy of the Archangelic Realms. He brings this creativity at a time when the potential for awakening is immense.

To find that little bit of pink energy within the blue is to find the potential for the awakening within ourselves. The discipline necessary to overcome the self-consciousness in communication and to open up to the possibility of what that awakening experience may bring.

Each of us has to confront at this point in time our survival issues. Each of us has to confront our security issues. It has been done in the context of a peace that passeth all understanding.

The return of the blue/blue in the royal blue form is that we may awaken the High Priestess within ourselves with energy, that we may become a receptive vehicle, for that which is poured in from above to communicate with our inner-most Being. Those security issues and survival issues were given to us for a reason, a reason which has to do with the immense balance between what is there and what is required of us. It is the potential of awakening which lies within our core that is potential evolvement. Raphael brings the support to Michael and Gabriel. The support that comes from above in the communication that is issued from above and a possibility of seeing clearly what it is that is in front of us upon our way.

I hope you enjoy these first thoughts on Tuesday afternoon.

Love to you all, as ever.


Gold / Royal Blue
Born at 1:00 p.m., 3rd December, 1996

A candle in the breeze casts flicking shadows,

Flurried and blurred, they fan out like willow flowers

The boy adrift at sea, pleads to be picked up –

Just learn to be true to yourself, like a raft on the water.

The Archangel Uriel was born at 1 o’clock on December 3rd. 1996 quickly arriving to support the energies of Raphael.

The golden light shines in from above. The ancient wisdom dawns in the conscious mind. Within the depths of the self, within the unconscious, the support of the communication that is flowing in from above. The potential for awakening that lies within as the deep mysteries begin to unfold in the context of the ancient wisdom.

The golden light, the sun shining into the conscious mind. It is as though the energies from within the Archangel Michael are now able to come up to the conscious mind. The light from the incarnational star dawns upon a new day. This combination would shake together as the deepest emerald green, the reminder for those in need of the service from the heart.

Uriel is a combination which speaks very much of what it is that is within our potential, the refinement of the gold within. If  we can begin to polish, if we can begin to refine the inner-most essence of ourselves, that the personality may be digested by that essence and that service may be revealed as we begin to awaken our inner-most being in relation to essence’s  nature is one that each person can come to know within themselves.

Each of us has authority, all we can do is lose it! Part of the lesson of Uriel is to give us the possibility of realizing what aspect of wisdom we carry in a conscious way and to find the deep peace in relation to that but, even in silence, we are each an expression of what it is that we are within our being.

This bottle speaks of a clear seeing with our inner-most depths. It talks of receiving a communication from above and being able to unfold that in a coherent wisdom in the world. This is a relationship with the whole of the feeling aspect within ourselves and the way in which those feelings are to express themselves through whatever it is that is our service to the world.

That emerald green, the reminder of the Luciferic nature that did not want to serve, that it was his gift of the emerald in our heart that is our interface with the planetary grid, it gives a possibility of the incarnational star unfolding at this point in time in a conscious way. Provided we have the ears to hear and eyes to see then we might find the peace that lies within the depth of ourselves.

I hope you enjoy these first thoughts on Tuesday afternoon.

Love to you all, as ever


Lilac / Coral
Born 1:50 p.m. Sunday 21st June, 1998 (Father’s Day)

I ask you to look at your business slowly and carefully
It’s not a good idea to be lazy – it’s provocative…
It’s like when a handful of birds are caught in a snare,
They have to learn to see the subtleties of the trap.

The Archangel Sandalphon was born at 1:50 p.m. on Sunday 21st June 1996 (Father’s Day)

The transmutation of negativity at a conscious level while we are bringing a new level of co-operation from within the depth of ourselves.

The healing qualities of the Coral bring forward the New Christ energy as we move closer to the new Aeon. The healing of the lilac with the unconditional love of the Christ brings awareness of our interdependence upon and with all things. The revelation of the sequence of the Archangel’s seems to be continuing. In this bottle there is incredible joy, insight and bliss.

It is now time for the deeper levels of joy to come through from the depth of ourselves. Hidden in Sandalphon we can find the Archangel Michael bringing the sword of his insight to the earth’s grid structure. The Unconditional love in the transmutation process is the gift of Sandalphon.  An important secret is revealed through this bottle. When we haven’t been able to digest information or experience then Sandalphon can help. Bringing many new levels of assimilation and understanding. An intense healing of the issues to do with unrequited love.

This bottle is also to do with synchronicity; many phenomena to do with this bottle and its birth are in synchronicity. Sandalphon shows new levels of co-operation. The lilac flames burn away intense issues of abuse, releasing the past and offering a promise for the future.

The second level of the Star-Child connecting us with the earth, when the new Christ energy comes to earth.

First thoughts on Sunday afternoon.

Love to you all, as ever.

Pale Olive / Pale Pink

Born 1:45 p.m. February  26, 1999

On Friday 26th February 1999 a new bottle has arrived in the series of Equilibrium. It continues the series of archangels and is called Tzadkiel.

The upper part of the bottle is pale olive and the lower part is brighter as Lady Nada. A new beginning! The fine pale olive introduces with its kind a new dimension in Aura-Soma. With the fine pink – even stronger than Lady Nada – there is the love and caring for all beings on all levels included. This means reconciliation on all levels and in each area.

Mike’s words after the birth of the new bottle:

I am very pleased to say that Archangel Tzadkiel was born at 1.45pm on Friday, 26 February, 1999, the last day of a Teacher II Course here at Dev Aura.

It feels like a new beginning. It’s the second level of the Green/Pink and it’s the first time that the Pale Olive has been born which means a new light is being shone on the feminine leadership of the heart. The Pink energy isn’t as pale as the Pink we might have expected, but it’s a lovely balance to that Pale Olive energy and it is a little bit more than Hilarion and Lady Nada. Tzadkiel brings a real watery quality from the energies that are contained within this bottle. It’s the faith and the trust for a new beginning for many on the path and the hope for the future that gives the strength to the intuition and the possibility to joy, to love and to peace for the future.

It’s where we may come to in our understanding as happiness, peace and love begin to manifest upon the earth as we connect with the Earth Star within ourselves. The joy comes as a consequence of a discipline that’s taking root in the sub-conscious, unconscious mind, to break up the patterns of the past and to give the intuition and the feminine aspect within us the space to be able to flower in the light of a new day.

It reminds me of the lotuses floating on the ponds in the monasteries in Sri Lanka on our recent visit there. It reminds me of how that Pink energy also reflects the crown and how the Emerald needs that Olive journey to begin to open in the context of the Pink energy. I also feel an incredible sense of freedom in relation to this new combination and how the light of this new love coming into the world is something that’s extraordinary for us all.

It is with great joy that I give you these first thoughts on a Friday afternoon as to how we might greet Tzadkiel in the world. It is the possibility of letting go of deep layers of confusion at a conscious level, of how we might communicate what is there in relation to the way we’ve accepted ourselves at the deepest level within ourselves. It’s a step into freedom in a completely new way as the vibrations upon the earth begin to rise and we face our own responsibility for ourselves within the context of this new energy.

Love to you all, as ever. Mike

Clear / Deep Magenta

Born 21st March 2000

Buddha and the gods speak the highest truth in oracles,
The stupid man lies and turns his back on it all –
Dear Reader: I beg you to go the whole way with this …
There’s no time left to hope for better things.

It is with absolute delight that I can say that Archangel Metatron was born at 12.30pm today, 21 March 2000.

Metatron has been something that I’ve been feeling around for quite some time, as also has Erik.

Metatron has been called the King of Angels and otherwise known as the Angel of the Covenant. He is also an important link between the Human Kingdom and the Divine Kingdom. The way this is emphasised in the Kabbalah is that he’s often attributed to the highest sphere, Kether, and also the Foundation, Malkuth.

Metatron was thought to have been in incarnation in physical form as Enoch, and so one of his attributions was also his E.T. connection because of this life as Enoch and his visions of “The Chariots of Fire”. It is an amazing thing when you feel into this energy and feel what’s happening with this Bottle. It is as though there is a whole new possibility for us here.

There is an incredibly strong connection between Michael and Metatron that, in some ways, Metatron over lights Michael with his work with the planetary grid system. It is through the way in which Metatron works with Michael and our point in time that the whole of the vibrational structure of the Earth is being modified to be able to produce the heightening of vibration towards zero point. It’s a factor of Metatron’s work through the Michaelic energy that produces this effect.

Another expression that is quite extra-ordinary is that Metatron is the brother of Sandalphon or, at least, a half-brother of Sandalphon but the different texts say different things. Within the system of Aura-Soma I think the colour co-operation in relation to the way these Archangels have unfolded and Metatron being the return to the zero and the one, with the Clear and the Deep Magenta in the base, is extremely elegant.

One of the things that the Zohar says about Metatron is that he is equal in breadth to the whole world. Interestingly enough that in relation to the Old Testament and the way the Rabbis viewed Adam before he sinned was also with this particular measurement.

One of the informative functions of Metatron is as an aid and guide; even a teacher to those children that are taken early from incarnational experience to the other side.

Let us have a look at the colours in these introductory thoughts about Metatron. In the upper fraction we have the Clear – the suffering and the understanding of suffering, (getting what we don’t want, wanting what we can’t have and not being able to distinguish between these two) the well of unshed tears made conscious.

In the lower fraction, the Deep Magenta. Both reflect all of the colours. One, the transparency of the light in the above fraction and the Deep Magenta that absorbs all the light in the depths and so we have the light into the shadow. It is an immensely exciting possibility within the range of Aura-Soma. It shakes together as a Deep Magenta flecked with light, the light coming into the shadow. This is the fulfillment of the alchemical possibility that we’ve seen unfolding recently within the Alchemy Set. The Clear fraction is to see things as they are within the mirror and, at the same time, be prepared to look into what lies within the shadow. We don’t disown any aspects of ourselves but we come into an acceptance of what lies within the depths. Think of all the base fractions of the New Age Child Set in relation to those Clear fractions above, coming together in the Archangel Metatron.

It is with these thoughts on 21st March 2000 that I send you much love and light, as ever.


Pale Blue / Pale Olive
Born 12:00 p.m., 14th December, 2000

Thoughts of Mike Booth

At 12 o’clock (noon) today, 14th December, 2000, Jophiel was born. The Light coming into the heart, a new vibration of the heart, an expansion of the heart and this is what’s above and below the Emerald of the heart. It’s the possibility of a real uplifting of the heart to come into a new alignment. The difficulties are how often intense feelings of envy and jealousy precipitate us into an increased awareness, an increased awareness enabling us to see many aspects of a situation. It is also an inner dynamic between the male and female aspects within ourselves where the opening of the heart in its expansion goes through the birthing pains of a new level of being. Jophiel supports the whole process of the unfoldment of the heart.

As we welcome him into the Archangelic series and so brings with him the awareness of another possibility within the heart, to overcome the difficulties in relation to those feelings of inadequacy, those feelings of not being good enough. Are we prepared to trust the feminine intuitive aspect within us, to step forward into another dimension of our being.

Jophiel augurs a new possibility for the real beginning of a new Millennium. He brings his energies to encompass the end of this year and the beginning of the next and a long awaited illumination of the heart. The Pale Blue/Pale Olive; the first time that the Pale Olive has appeared in the base fraction. It also relates to the Divine Will associated with The Holy Grail where we say “One for all, all for one”.

Perhaps the world of Aura-Soma and the unfoldment of what is taking place is only a tiny part of the macrocosm but this movement from Metatron to Jophiel is an expansion, a new understanding in relation to our holographic multi-dimensional nature. That hologram is something that is seeded from our ancestry amongst the stars. Jophiel particularly connects up through the feeling side of our Being, that stellar ancestry, to be able to ground it in this world as we move forwards in a new direction toward our Being of Light. Once we can overcome the limited views, the limited understandings, we may open our hearts to one another, to open to discover new levels of trust.

Part of what is contained within the Pale Olive is to overcome the judgements, to find peace in the subconscious, unconscious mind in relation to the fears that are held there when we don’t trust, when we don’t allow that possibility for a new space and a new place to enter. This chance has come for us to face the truth of ourselves that we may come into alignment with the Higher Will.

So, in a way, I feel that this is a Christmas gift from the Archangelic realm to the Aura-Soma family as it unfolds in the world. Let us rejoice in that gift. To me it’s certainly a very beautiful combination and the modification of the Pale Olive in the base is something that’s very special and beautiful in the Aura-Soma range.

Perhaps Jophiel will help us to bring the higher communication through to our feelings and that our feelings can be touched by what is our higher purpose.

With love and light and heartfelt greetings


Deep Olive / Deep Magenta
Born 12:00 Noon GMT – 25th September 2001

Samael has been described as the most beautiful of Archangels. Many of the Archangels are said to have six wings. Samael, like Metatron, is said to have twelve. He is also known as the most prominent “Angel of Death” and is attributed to Mars.

Traditionally, his attributions are the Tower. In Aura-Soma, however, we have the bottle number sixteen, Violet/Violet and the Archangel Michael, Equilibrium, B94, Pale Blue/Pale Yellow.

The birth of Samael began to come into materialization on the afternoon of Tuesday, 11th September 2001. The attribution of the Tower seems more than appropriate. Maybe we need to re-evaluate all beliefs and ideals again in the light of new understanding, as this is what the Tower calls upon us to do, not to judge but to allow things to be as they are.

Rudolf Steiner and others proposed that Samael ruled the earth prior to the Archangel Gabriel, from 1190-1510 A.D. During his reign, many rulers and leaders were overthrown. Samael is also attributed to Mars, often thought of as a planet signifying war and conflict. If we go to the essence of the present energy of Mars, then it could also be the possibility of further awakening; of finding the discipline to do what we know is necessary for our development.

The Deep Olive over the Deep Magenta: the first time the Deep Olive has been born in the Aura-Soma range. Here it is already being “healed” with “love from above” with the deep magenta from within the depths of the bottle. The shade of olive is the deepening of the experience of the feminine intuitive and the possibility of this hope leading us foward towards our future. There are incredible hidden fears in the conscious mind (yellow), which now need to be addressed in our own space (green). If these fears can be resolved, then there is the possibility of incredible joy, which could come to be. This is the potential of one of the more hidden aspects within the olive in its deeper form.

The Deep Magenta in the base of the bottle signifies that we now need to trust the love from above in the depth of ourselves, in a way that we may not have before. We have been shocked out of our security, (the hidden Red within the Deep Magenta in the base), that we now have the opportunity to see things anew. It is an opportunity to again put the love in the little things to refocus and bring the care to what we are doing moment-to-moment. That care could also be described as a more conscious attention.

How to uproot the conflicts within ourselves, not to try, not to force, not to set up resistance, but to come to real peace (the hidden Blue), to the hope (Olive) that is there for the future. Is not this what the Olive branch, that the Dove of the Holy Spirit symbolized to Noah, as he waited for and knew that the new world would come about, with the covenant of the rainbow, that assures us of the potential for a more conscious future.

An aspect of the Deep Olive could be a love on a personal level that has been unable to be expressed, a love for one who went away to war and was never to return: a loss unresolved as the depth of the caring was unable to be expressed. It is evident that within this bottle are many levels of polarity and paradox. Even the colours, Olive/Magenta, are opposites on the colour wheel. The bottle contains the colours of the ancient Tao, the Green/Red, expressive of the polarity within Existence. It is possible to say, that to create a unified view, without coercion, it is necessary to fully integrate the polarities within oneself.

Perhaps we would normally associate this with Coral, but here in the Deep Olive over Deep Magenta, another aspect emerges. The thoughts here are also to do with us creating what it is that we fear the most, especially from the heart. Where there is fear, there is no room for love. If we can go beyond the fears, then we can re-create our world in the context of love. This is a tall order, particularly when we think we do not understand all that there is for us to understand, how do we really get back to the garden.

Remember the wise men who were blindfolded and asked to describe what was within reach. It was only when all the impressions were put together that the Elephant was revealed.

The elephant is the symbol of the mind. Gradually, as we work on ourselves, we begin to purify the mind, to see clearly the inner and outer reflections of reality.


Opalescent Pale Blue / Deep Magenta
Born 11:11 a.m. April 22, 2003

Archangel Haniel is called “the glory” or the “glory of the grace of God”. Generally thought to be in charge of Capricorn, or the month of December, Haniel is the archangel who is the chief of the Order of Principalities, Virtues and Innocents. Haniel has a close association with Enoch, and therefore with Metatron, is related to the Chaldean Ishtar, ruler of Venus, and therefore also related to Lucifer and Quetzalcoatl.

At the birth of this Equilibrium bottle, the attribution of Haniel, being the ruler of Mars, coincides with Mars being closer to the Earth than it has been for the last 73,000 years. At this time, Mars is in an exalted relationship with Venus. There is a strong feeling that our future relationship with Venus, the birth of Haniel, and the birth in Aura-Soma of the archangeloi sequence, are linked together. The Aura-Soma archangeloi sprays are about to be released. The archangelois are Beings that evolved in a much earlier epoch of the Earth. These Beings are making themselves available at this time for the guidance and assistance of mankind.

Sometimes, it is said that Haniel is one of the Elohim. Manifesting usually as a very beautiful woman, occasionally as an extremely handsome man, Haniel symbolizes beauty, pleasure, and sustaining friendship. Haniel has the power to make fruitful that which previously was not so: to turn states of sadness, anxiety and worry towards happiness. Haniel helps us to recognise and fill the gaps in our lives from within ourselves, rather than continuing to yearn to have them filled from the outside. Haniel inspires that which makes life worth living: friendship, love, companionship, harmony, and balance.

Haniel is associated with the rose, a symbol of the qualities of beauty, upliftment and unfoldment.

One of the stones aligned with Haniel is the emerald. This is significant in the development of Aura-Soma at this time. If we examine the colours, then the Opalescent Pale Blue of the Higher Will leads us to the emerald of the heart. This Pale Blue energy asks us to look into the truth of what lies in our heart, that we may come to a deeper understanding of peace and be able to communicate with ease that which comes through us.

The Deep Magenta signifies the love from above, the love that is synonymous with Grace, but yet, is also the love that we can put into the little things, into the details of life. If we are able to put our care and attention upon inanimate objects, extend care to plants and animals, then we may also be able to care more for our fellow human beings. This is the essence of the Pale Blue in relation to the Deep Magenta: thus, Grace may come about.

If we come from a place of lack in relation to love, or from a feeling that we do not have enough, then, in some way, we have not allowed love to come through us. Our sense of lack is also a result of what we have not put into the little things and how our need for love is experienced in this way.

Each of us has authority which is implicit; all we can do is to lose it. This happens in relation to issues of self worth when there is an attempt to control through fear, through manipulation, or other factors of a similar nature. The antidote for this phenomenon, where we can stand in our own authority, our own self-worth, is when the Light comes to the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The Blue becomes the Pale Blue and we feel the sense of support of the Deep Magenta, the love from above, as we practice putting the care and attention in the little things.

This bottle, being part of the Easter celebration this year, being part of 20 years of Aura-Soma’s presence in the world, is also related to building the Body of Light, the second body. This is possibly what Aura-Soma is about: aura meaning light; soma meaning body. Haniel, as the Higher Will, could be thought of as the bottle for the restoration of peace inwardly and outwardly.

There are two gateways in the numerology of Aura-Soma, two elevens: the two ‘a’s’ in Aura, and the ‘s’ and the ‘a’ in Soma. These two gateways allow other numbers to come through: the B39, the Egyptian II bottle and Djwal Khul, the B64. The B39 and the B64 come together in the B103. An expression for Haniel, or a key note, could be the ascension of the star through the doorway of initiation.

Here are a few further number related thoughts for those interested. To look at the number sequence of Haniel is to immediately find the emerald connection: the B10 with the B3, the Green/Green with the Blue/Green Equilibrium bottles. Another consideration is B13/B91, the outward and return journey of the Aura-Soma New Aeon Tarot card, Death, the Clear/Green and the Olive/Olive Equilibrium bottles. The B91 comes together as a B10 again, bringing us back to the Green/Green with its return journey of the B88, the reverse of the B3, Blue/Green, expressed in the Green/Blue. I think that it is quite elegant that the B88 brings us to the connection with The Tower, the B16, the Violet/Violet Equilibrium bottle, with its return journey of Archangel Michael, B94, Pale Blue/Pale Yellow, and the connection with Archangel Samael, B102, Deep Olive/Deep Magenta. Archangel Michael, the B94, is also a B13, indicating an intimate connection.


Equilibrium B104 – Iridescent Pink / Magenta
Born – 6 th October 2004 at 9.15am

Belongs to the Seventh Ray. The Pink Ray or Ruby Ray.
Love, Admiration and Gratitude
There is also an association with the Garden of Gethsemene.*
Chamael strengthens the heart.

At 9.15am on 6 th October 2004 the Archangel Chamael was born – Iridescent Pink/Magenta – an extra-ordinary combination for our times. The resolution between love and war. Chamael is attributed to Virgo, Mars and also to Wednesday.

He has come into being to help to resolve and bring forward the feminine aspect within our planet. He is particularly concerned with the energies of the Andes and how these energies, along with the feminine aspect, circulate across the planet as the rainbow serpent unfolds. For those who have been working deeply with themselves, we often come to a point or place where, in our observations of the witnessing of what is happening upon the stage of ourselves, we go into a point of judgement or criticism instead of allowing ourselves to be what we are. We go into a false sense of distancing ourselves as though we could become separate from who and what it is we are.

Chamael is there to help us with impartial observation and to go deeper into feminine receptivity in the context of the deeper work with ourselves.

The Pink energy in the upper fraction relates to detachment but also contains the energies of the Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl is the suffering that is created when we separate at any level within ourselves. It is the suffering that is created by our desires, by our wants not being fulfilled and how the Pink energy brings in the deeper levels of self-acceptance to help diminish suffering through identification.

Identification, in this sense, refers to when we judge ourselves, judge others or become negative in any sense, it then puts the ‘I’ into a situation of separation. Chamael, as a principality, as a divine principal, has come to help us in the transmission of good intentions, the Emissary of these in relation to the work with ourselves. He is sometimes called one of the Princes of Virtue and is a leader or chief of all the Archangels.

A relevant and more general comment in relation to the Archangels; it is said that in less than one millisecond an Archangel can travel from one end of the universe to the other. Equally, if we think of this concept of millions of light years, it is like an availability which is beyond our needs, then the Archangel is there to fulfil such needs, if we are open to their presence. In this sense, the Archangel is with us to the extent that there is nothing between us and the energy that is available to support us in our “play” with ourselves.

The timing in relation to Chamael, which has been one of the more difficult and protracted births, has another of the iridescence, unrelated to the energy of Mother of Pearl, which is the silver connection. The silver floating also helps with the feminine intuitive to be made more conscious. This element within Pink energy is a deep healing possibility in relation to the feminine; the re-addressing of understanding and light from the point of view of the deeper levels of receptivity within the self.

One of the seven Archangels that attend the Throne of God, Chamael is described as “one of the Holy angels whom God has set over those who rise”. He is the same Archangel who, in the apocalypse of Boruch, destroys the army of Sennacherib.

These Archangels have a particular providence of protection in times of need, to protect cities, airports, stations, places of worship, sacred spaces and even nations.

The feminine aspect of the heart and the love of the Father-Mother God. Chamael may help in the development of the heart and the opening of the Emerald of the heart. The qualities here being compassion (real-feeling), better communication, a balance of the love of self and how we are able to extend our love to others.

The healing of schisms within the nuclear family, the overcoming of conflict and restoration of harmony with those with whom we have been in conflict.

A gate-keeper of Heaven.

A light generator within the physical realm. Chamael communes directly with stars and nebula as light frequencies. Other attributions – self-discipline, contentment in inter-personal relationships, happiness and joy. Beauty in all things.

The meaning of Chamael is “He who is witnessing God”.

Attributed to Geburah, the image of a warrior driving a Chariot.

He has, as protector of Heaven, hundreds of thousands of angels who are there to work with him.

The focal point for the work of Chamael is the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Eire. Tara is said to be a gateway to the other world.

Incredibly powerful. With the transformational powers that come, then the more we relax, the more the struggle with ourselves or conflicts, are overcome. The bird attribution of Chamael presence is the Robin and the tree attribution is the Red Maple.

Chamael is also attributed to Sagittarius, especially in relation to travel and a sense of enduring peace.

The 104 is a 14 Clear/Gold – Sagittarius bottle – and also a 5 Yellow/Red – Leo thus Vicky also brings her blessing in through this bottle.

The smell of Gardenia. Chamael is a protector of health and of well-being. To help us let go of violence within ourselves and overcome conflict, to be able to let go more easily.

Chamael’s message – “Trust and know that everything is perfect” even when it seems that everything is not, even when we have been trying to be – “It is as it is”.

With love and light


Equilibrium B105 – Coral / Coral
Born – 8 th March 2006 at 3.22pm

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to announce the birth of the Archangel Azreal at 3.22 pm today here in Tetford.

It was a very protracted birth unlike other bottles. In fact, it really began yesterday which was the celebration of my birth. The process started in the afternoon, went on through the night and continued today, culminating in the birth this afternoon.

You will see that the theme of the opalescent or iridescent as in Chamael is carried forward into this bottle. The wonderful hue of the coral has been long awaited in the system of Aura-Soma and its birth is warmly welcomed. Azreal is sometimes called or termed the unnamed archangel. A lot more information will be distributed about the actual understanding of Azreal over the next few months.

This afternoon, he wants very much for his energy to be revealed and seen as it is, accompanied by the energy of the goddess in its most feminine aspect of receptivity, between the first and second chakras. This is very helpful in relation to the energies that are needed to be balanced and revealed at this point in time. These energies are both to do with the externalisation of the goddess and also the revelation of the goddess within ourselves and the acknowledgement of her.

In a sense it is healing the shocks and the issues of discrimination that are there in racial and genetic lineages. Now there is the opportunity for that understanding and wholeness to come about after what has been a very long sought and difficult journey for many.

Now it is that we come to the understanding of the 105. The 105 is a bottle which can address the shadow within ourselves. This is something that lies inside us unacknowledged, a repression that has been denied, that we said no to. This bottle will give the opportunity for healing, of making whole something from within the shadow, that we may come to new insight and understanding and new bliss of being.

Azreal also brings a sense of understanding of karmic seeds that lie within genetic structures and the sense of the inner unity, the coming together of male and female at deeper levels within the self. At this cellular level you get cellular awareness and cellular consciousness, the consciousness in the state between living and dying, the state between awakened and asleep. Those in-between states are something that this coral energy, the energy of Azreal speaks towards. There is the sense also of a coming of unification within the self. Azreal brings the understanding of that unification of ourselves.

There is certainly grace that comes. There has been here in Tetford a period of about 24 hours of rain which has led up to the birth of Azreal. This was preceded by a period of intense blue skies over a number of days providing a clarity which enabled the coral energy to manifest itself. It then came down in the form of grace in the rain and the area was shrouded in mist in the sort of density that had clouded the consciousness before the birth. We now have the possibility to come to a new understanding of many difficulties in relation to timing and in relation to sequences.

This is a truly joyful and blissful possibility and Azreal brings that towards us at this point in time. It is also to help us to go beyond duality and not fear our sense of separateness as acutely as we have in the past, so that we can see with the eyes of another to better understand their point of view.

The initial thought on Wednesday afternoon, in early March 2006.

With much love, as ever


B106 – Misty Pale Olive / Misty Lilac
Born – 22nd October 2007 at 3.19 pm

I feel really honored to be presenting you with the birth of the new bottle Archangel Ratziel, it feels like it is an incredible step forward.

On Friday, 19th of October 2007 on Shire Farm at the sixth Chakra, we planted a three meter standing stone. One of the symbols associated with Ratziel just happens to be a standing stone. Thus there is a very strong connection with Ratziel and this stone. In a sense it is part of the activation of Shire Farm in relation to the planetary grid, the light network emerging towards the new time on the planet.

Ratziel is a master alchemist; he is able to transmute conditioned patterns through inner alchemy towards pure gold. The colors of this bottle are milky or misty pale olive over misty lilac. In a sense making conscious the situation and circumstance to do with bitterness of the past and turning it towards the sweetness of spirit. The misty quality in the upper fraction, slightly disguising the olive is already part of the alchemical process. It has an incredible smell and I think probably in the whole range of the Aura Soma® system, is one of the strongest smelling bottles. It is both invigorating and relaxing.

This transmutation of bitterness (of experiences of the past towards the sweetness of spirit) overcomes the conditioned patterns, loosening the bars of conditioning towards a perspective of the wisdom that lies within. There is a sense that something new is being born in synchronicity with the new standing stone on Shire farm, and the gathering of some of our distributors from around the world who happen to be at Dev Aura at this point in time to share in the energy and the birth of Ratziel. Three signs that something new is being born. How does this Archangel, who helps us bring forward our gift and overcome our challenges, somehow facilitate the increase of the light web through the human and the planetary grid connections?

Ratziel is also an Archangel of personal empowerment; helping us where we have held back from situations and circumstances when we might have stepped forward. Ratziel empowers us to do the right thing, to be able to express what is necessary, to take up our role as part of the solution rather than be contributing inadvertently to the problem. It is true to say that dealing with the karmic seeds of the past is to be able to overcome or transmute those seeds into something more positive, which is a consequence of the quality we bring in the moment to whatever we do; to be present to the wonder of the moment and not loose ourselves.

These are initial thoughts in the first few moments after the birth of Ratziel. I hope that you get a sense of the significance and importance both globally and individually in relation to the birth of this Archangel at this opportune moment in our planetary journey.

Love and light


B107 – Opalescent Turquoise / Deep Magenta
Born 11:00 a.m., 14th December, 2009


The birthing of Tzaphkiel commenced on the 19th November, the morning after Linda Tucker and I completed the White Lion Aura-Soma® workshop at Dev Aura. In the birthing processes of the Equilibrium bottles, it has been the longest we have experienced so far. When the understanding was given that the birthing would be complete on the 14th December, we realised that this day also corresponds in the Angelic realm to the Angel Ariel, whose name means “Lion of God.”

In addition, the function of Ariel as “perceiver and revealer of Divine mysteries” further relates to Tzaphkiel as guardian of the Akashic Records, also called the Book of Life, in which the story of each soul is said to be written. Tzaphkiel is offering us access to the ancient-future mysteries of Love and Truth so that more of the totality of who we are might become manifest in our present lifetime. As we progress from the energies of B106 to B107, we are approaching the end of a long tunnel that has been filled with shadows. As the new light of personal and interpersonal harmony dawns, we can begin to see the peace that beckons to us from the spaciousness of a transformed future.

Since 14 December corresponds to the heart influence of Ariel, the connection between the Lion and Ariel (which relates to B23 of the Equilibrium bottles) with the emergence of Tzaphkiel suggests that what comes to us through the birth of B107 is the power and purpose of a compassionate Lion-Hearted Love — a love come to alchemize us further toward the golden-beingness of personal and collective individuation. Thus, Tzaphkiel invites us to expand the feeling of love into the purpose and commitment of love.

This expanded love holds an ocean of compassion in which we may bring all we have ever been into reconciliation and harmony with all we might become. It is a love that asks us not to get out of the way, but to become the Way. It is a love with the presence to not only energize the little things in our daily activities — events, encounters and the why and how of what we do — but also to propel and expand our personal individuation into collaboration with the individuations of those around us, and ultimately to all in the evolution of the collective Earth-Heart.

In our personal journey of individuation we often respond from the mental plane rather than listening more to the star within, the shining essence of our being which speaks to us an “inner tuition” ever reminding us of who we are. As we go along in a direction where decisions are made and perceptions understood mainly from the intellect, the inner light may seem to dim. Thus when we sense a “call” from a more profound level or dimension, at first we may feel an uneasiness or anxiety.

The Deep Magenta in Tzaphkiel is the depth that is being stirred as the soul asks us for deeper acknowledgement. Each of us is a gossamer light-being, fragile within the density of our physicality. We often push at our physicality too hard, and in our striving the gossamer may seem to shrink as we begin to feel our vulnerabilities, which we can mistake for weaknesses. However, when difficulties surface and give us a feeling of being over-exposed, they are actually asking to be healed, and ultimately revealed as our greatest strengths.

When we look at the numerical correspondences of 107, we are given also the sense of a test — a test in relation to the karmic patterns of B10, the Wheel of Fortune, and B7, the Garden of Gethsemane, the final test of faith. B10 is about the karmic seeds and the consequence of what we plant, and the 7 is the test which is always amplified to maximize our opportunity as we plant the seeds. When these two bottles or understandings come together in the Green/Violet of the Troubadour, B17 (10 + 7), then we are reminded of the colors of the B106, Misty Pale Olive/Misty Lilac, and we see the progression from the muted light of B106 to the soul-stirred illumination of the Turquoise in B107.

The B17 Troubadour bottle represents the outward journey of B95, Archangel Gabriel, messenger of the star. This reminds us of the soul/ incarnational star connection that enables us to bring down that which is above us through that which is before us: the information, energy and raw materials of the conditioned patterns needed to commence the transmutation toward the gold within us.

Since we tend to identify more with the dense material of our being, Tzaphkiel as the Divine Mother comes in compassion to help us birth the light body from within the chemistry of our physical bodies. In this way we are offered the “light-support” needed to respond to the soul-stuff within and above.

As we engage the deeper within-realms, the energetic presence of the soul star above us is drawn closer to our physicality. The “base mettle” of our humanity is transformed by the commingling of the human and the divine within us. We ultimately become “temples of light,” as the fullness of who we are and what we are here to do is illuminated and expressed.

It might be said that if Truth is the “What” of our purpose, then Love is the “Way” which can illuminate how our Truth is to be expressed. Tzaphkiel comes to help birth and accelerate us into alignment with our mission and purpose. Change and loss are experiences that create space in us quickly for the taking in of something new.

As we become lion-hearted, with the courage to allow rather than resist difficult events or circumstances, we begin to see them as the contraction of energy that necessarily occurs before the bursting forth of new life. And when we are truly ready, some ordinary event will suddenly — and yet naturally — occur, leading to a remarkable encounter or opportunity that will seem to draw together all the elements of our creativity and life experiences as if we had been prepared our whole lives for this moment by some prescient future.

As this occurs, Tzaphkiel can help to ease us out of old karmic patterns as well as the contrivances of effort – the pushing and pulling at life to achieve this thing or that. Where we have become over-identified and fatigued by circumstance — losing sight of our bigger purpose — the rescue aspect of the Turquoise of B107 invites us into the grace of unfoldment and the wonder of allowing ourselves to simply step into the flow of our fulfillment.

The numerology of B107 further illuminates the rescue aspects of the Turquoise that are related to our individuation. 107 reduces to the single digit 8, the numerical correspondence for manifestation, and we must not forget that this is connected to the whole of the Aura-Soma® (“light-body”) system (the letters of Aura-Soma numerically correspond to 8 as well). B8 (Anubis) relates the story of how the heart is weighed against the feather for lightness of being.

As this story affirms, when love propels us we often move through our lives with a sense of flying or “floating on air.” A heart that is not heard or expressed becomes heavy and wing-tethered. Tzaphkiel calls forth the questions of Love and Truth that determine how much our hearts are heeded in our life choices: Do we love what we do, or are we doing something other than what we love, or are we unable to put our love into what we do because we are out of love with ourselves?

Tzaphkiel therefore comes as the Divine Mother to support us with compassion and protection so that we might allow our hearts to return to expressing love through what we do and the way in which we do it. This support is offered in the Clear/Turquoise combination of B86, which is the return journey of the 8, relating to Titania, the Queen of the devas and the fairy realm. Titania’s story of “release from misplaced love to a remembrance of her true feelings” invites us to activate the “colour code” of Love and Truth residing within our own hearts to create a life that matters — a life that is utterly expressive of our own unique being and purpose.

To help us with this, Titania’s winged devic realm offers to be our intermediaries to the angelic realm in order to bring messages from above to the Earth plane. In this way, the Earth of our personal and collective physicalities, as well as our planetary dwelling, may be healed and evolved by the resonance and acknowledgement that human interaction with the devic world brings. Supporting this interconnection is also part of the mission of Tzaphkiel.

Tzaphkiel brings the first bottle to contain the essential oil of myrrh. This month commemorates the long-ago birth of a new Light of the Divine, heralded by the Nativity Star of the Christ. Paradoxically, myrrh — long associated with funeral preparation — was one of the three gifts given to the newborn Jesus. This correlates with the concept that the birth of the Christ in physical form began mankind’s transition from the “old covenant” to the “new covenant” — as the birthing of a Love that would ultimately transcend the aspects of dogma and law that held humanity in old Self-defeating patterns.

Thus, a new birthing may be said to signify the death of what was so that what will be can be born. Myrrh’s anti-microbial properties also suggest a support against subtle energies, as well as societal constructs and manipulations, which can sabotage us as we begin to birth more of the eternal totality of ourselves into the present life.

This energy of Tzaphkiel, expressing the deepest aspects of the Divine Feminine to nurture and protect, does not have to be pushed or pulled, but rather allowed and accepted as an expression of the I AM of Life Itself ever-birthing within, through and as us. On the outside, it is Love living out loud with lyricism of heart and a joyful roar of purposefulness as we crawl, walk, leap and fly through our days and dreams upon this Earth.

It is Love with the lightness of being that is so naturally expressed when it no longer has to strain against fear, unwillingness, shame or feelings of unworthiness that usurp our most precious birthright, which is to be Love Itself. This is indeed the time of emergence for the particular and unique hue of Love-in-Beingness which each of us has come to shine forth into this world, a world which so needs the full Love-and-Truth of us all.

In Love and Light, Mike Booth,

With thanks to Terah Cox

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